Comprehensive Core, Part 2


Comprehensive Core 2 is the second part of a series of online training for clinicians desiring to become Tummy Team Trained. This extensive online training program instructs professionals in advanced Core Rehabilitation clinical skills used by The Tummy Team in our clinic as well as throughout the Core Foundations 8 Week Online Program.
Included in this course is how to identify and treat upper body and lower body compensation patterns, how to address the connection between the core and pelvic floor health, ongoing core rehab treatment plans, transition into daily functional integration and tummy safe fitness. The content from this course covers 4-5 treatment sessions with a functional core rehab specialist. This is course connects a lot of the remaining components to help your clients ultimately be successful in healing their core and reclaiming functional core strength.


Prerequisites: Core Foundations CEU Package + Comprehensive Core, Part 1
Time to Complete:  3 months
CEU’S:  9.25
Course Objectives:  Download
Course Outline:  Download
Valuable For:  physical therapists, chiropractors, midwives, exercise physiologists, kinesiologists, naturopathic physicians, OB/GYN, prenatal and postpartum fitness specialists, personal trainers
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