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A-La-Carte CEU Courses

Introduction to CEU Courses and Apprenticeships

Our desire is to improve the clinical treatment of functional core weakness and diastasis recti around the world. The Tummy Team has developed a unique, comprehensive and effective approach to treating core weakness, and we want to partner with you so your practice and your clients can benefit from our resources and expertise.


We have designed the professional training with The Tummy Team to be comprehensive and each course builds on and reinforces the content of the course before it. All training begins with our client based courses as we believe professionals are most effective when they have experienced our functional core rehab process for themselves as their clients well. The beginner courses can be done individually but the advanced courses need to be taken after the beginner prerequisites. The ultimate goal is for all professionals that train with us to do so in our apprentice packages so they receive all the training they need, support from our team and a discount.


The concept of apprentice training includes not just the course work but interaction and support from the professionals at The Tummy Team. There is a huge need for functional core rehabilitation specialist, birth professionals and Tummy Safe Fitness professionals worldwide. We encourage professionals that take training with us to take advantage of the full support of our team but signing up for the Tummy Team apprentice packages so all of our training is set up for that process.

Overview Course:

Diastasis Recti Symposium

Beginner Courses:

  • Core Foundations
  • Prenatal Core Training
  • Floor Of Your Core
  • Core Preparations for Cesarean
  • Core Preparations for Abdominal Surgery
  • Comprehensive Tummy Safe Fitness

Advanced Courses:

  • Comprehensive Core, Part 1
    • Prerequisite: Core Foundations
  • Comprehensive Core, Part 2
    • Prerequisite: Comprehensive Core, Part 1
  • Comprehensive Prenatal
    • Prerequisite: Prenatal Core Training

Overview Course

*This course is not require to take other CEU packages*

The Diastasis Recti Symposium was originally held on September 30th, 2017 in Portland, OR and hosted by The Tummy Team. This taped collaborative event contains current and immediately applicable information regarding the treatment and prevention of diastasis recti & functional core weakness. The content is presented by four professionals: Kelly Dean, MPT and Gillian Sukachevin, MSPT of The Tummy Team, Beth Learn of Fit2b, and Michelle Gerbi, DC of Hood River Chiropractic.

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A-La-Carte Beginner Courses

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A-La-Carte Advanced Courses

Have you finished a beginner/prerequisite course and want to delve deeper?

Core Foundations CEU Package


Core Foundations CEU Package

Comprehensive Core, Part 1


Apprenticeship Process

All apprenticeships begin with enrollment in a rehab course so you can personally experience and fully understand the neuromuscular re-education process that makes our approach so successful. From there, you will progress through your advanced professional courses, virtual training sessions, and webinars. There are 3 different apprentice processes that correspond to the different professionals that we train.  Following the apprentice process, you will qualify to become Endorsed by The Tummy Team and promoted our website and receive a vast range of professional benefits and ongoing training.

Apprenticeship Packages

What do these apprenticeships have to offer?

Tummy Team TRAINED Practitioner

Included in this Apprenticeship Package:

  • Core Foundations CEU Package
  • Comprehensive Core, Part 1
  • Comprehensive Core, Part 2
  • 2 Professional Training *eSessions
  • Patient Education Index Cards (FREE)

Tummy Team FITNESS Professional

Included in this Apprenticeship Package:

  • Core Foundations CEU Package
  • Tummy Safe Fitness CEU Course
  • 2 Professional Training *eSessions

Tummy Team BIRTH Professional

Included in this Apprenticeship Package:

  • Prenatal Core Training CEU Package
  • Core Preparations for Cesarean CEU Course
  • Comprehensive Prenatal CEU Course
  • 2 Professional Training *eSessions