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Category: Fitness Professionals

What The Tummy Team (and our clients) Want FITNESS Professionals to Know about Diastasis Recti

What The Tummy Team (and our clients) Want FITNESS Professionals to Know about Diastasis Recti Fitness is a huge component of our culture and can be an essential aspect of our physical, emotional and mental health.  However, not all fitness is created the same.  Sadly instead of viewing fitness as an important form of self care, many of our clients see it as a chore, or use fitness as a way to beat their body…
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What Men Need to Know about Diastasis Recti

The Tummy Team is an international online Physical Therapy Clinic that specializes in Functional Core Rehabilitation and specifically the treatment of diastasis recti.  We have been helping clients heal abdominal wall damage and restore their core for over a decade and have designed several online rehab programs to help clients around the world.  After years of clinical work, we launched our online course Core Foundations for Men to exclusively address the issues that uniquely affect…
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Diastasis Recti & Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

The Tummy Team works with prenatal and postpartum women to prepare the core and pelvic floor for a strong pregnancy and delivery and healthy birth recovery. One of the conditions we specialize in is diastasis recti. We get tons of questions about diastasis recti and pregnancy and hope to help expecting moms everywhere have the answers they need to be strong for motherhood.  Here are a handful of common questions (and our answers) that most…
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6 Questions on Diastasis Recti and Fitness

When clients feel weak and disconnected from their core they typically turn to a new fitness routine. But what many might really need is functional core rehab. Diastasis recti (a separated abdominal wall) is so under-diagnosed that most people are unaware that they might be suffering from a condition that needs rehab – not just more sit-ups.  It is so important to understand the connection between diastasis recti and fitness choices before making a fitness…
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The Tummy Team’s Guide to Checking for Diastasis

The Tummy Team’s Guide to Checking for Diastasis Diastasis Recti is a midline separation of the right and left sides of the abdominal wall. It can happen to men and women, regardless of age, weight or fitness level. It is caused by the most common compensation pattern for Functional Core Weakness: consistent forward and forceful pressure against the abdominal wall. This pressure can be from chronic poor postures, traditional abdominal exercises like crunches, sit-ups or…
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Diastasis Recti Awareness

Diastasis Recti Awareness During the month of July, we hope to educate and empower professionals with knowledge and resources about Diastasis Recti so they can feel confident in supporting their unique communities. What do we (and our clients) wish professionals knew about Diastasis Recti? The Tummy Team acknowledges there is a gap in the knowledge base of most medical, rehab, fitness and birth professionals related to diastasis recti and we want to be a part…
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