Professional Online Functional Core Rehabilitation CEU Course

This is The Tummy Team most popular 8-week client online course for functonal core rehabilitation with additional content for professionals. All of our courses are packed full of clinical education and therefore qualify for continuing education units as long as the content is relevant to your scope of practice. The Tummy Team believes it is important for you experience our rehab programs for yourself before you can effectively support your clients. 


This Course Is Ideal For Professionals Treating...

  • functional core weakness
  • lower/mid/upper back pain
  • diastasis recti
  • pelvic floor weakness
  • sciatica
  • sacroiliac instability
  • rib pain
  • mild abdominal hernias
  • postpartum birth recovery
  • post-surgical rehabilitation  

What’s Included In This Course?

Over 5 hours of video education and instruction

Step-by-step instructions and rehab plans for each week

Core rehab exercises for healing diastasis recti

Strategies for integrating core strength exercises into your daily routine  

Posture and alignment retraining to help with chronic pain

Transition into Tummy-Safe™ fitness choices

Downloadable exercises, stretches, assessments, and charts

Lifetime access to our online forum for personal support 

10 weeks of access to complete the 8-week course

Obtaining CEU Credits 

We train more than 8 different professions in over 20 countries, which makes it very difficult to maintain accreditation with the various agencies. We have found that the majority of accreditation bodies will accept courses for credits when the course content is within the scope of practice of that practitioner, and the course outline, objectives, and proof of completion has been provided. We provide the information about our courses and the instructors needed, as well as adequate testing with a certificate of completion. We ask for each practitioner to submit the required content to their credentialing agencies for credits.

See Course Objectives Here

Course Outline Week 1: Anatomy and Awareness Week 2: Core Connection Week 3: Neutral Pelvis Alignment Week 4: Pelvic Floor Week 5: Neutral Rib Cage Alignment Week 6: Core Consistency Week 7: Challenge Week 8: Core-Strong Lifestyle  

See Full CEU Course Outline Here



Restore Your Core. Relieve Your Pain. Reclaim Your True Self.


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