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If you have questions about our professional training, please search this page first. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.


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The need for more Tummy Team Trained Practitioners worldwide is great. Most of the professionals that reach out to us are not within reasonable travel distance to train with us in person. For these reasons, we have designed a professional apprenticeship program that can be done completely online through a combination of online courses, 1:1 training eSessions (virtual appointments), and an online professional forum. We can work with you wherever you live.

Category: Apprenticeships

We strongly believe that practitioners should fully experience our approach and the nature of our online programs before deciding if they should teach them.  On the outside, our approach may seem simplistic or even common sense to a professional, but once experienced personally you can feel the impact in your own life.  Practitioners are far more effective in helping clients through the rehab process when they have done it personally. Our ultimate goal in providing professional training is to create more functional core rehabilitation specialists, and this is how we feel it is best to achieve that goal. However, the good news is that these courses are still qualified to receive CEUs.

Category: Apprenticeships

Our apprentice agreement is simply to clearly explain the proper use of our training materials, as well as to protect your business and ours.  It is good practice information but also ensures that you represent The Tummy Team in the way we hope.


Category: Apprenticeships

One of the reasons we require professionals to start with a rehab course is so that you fully understand our approach and teaching style prior to committing to financial and time investment in our training. However, if you begin your training and realize this is not what you wanted, we will work with you to determine the best way to adjust your program and fees accordingly.

Category: Apprenticeships

Simply contact our team in the case of an emergency and we will work with you to either pause or extend your course access to meet your needs.

Category: Apprenticeships

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