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If you have questions about our professional training, please search this page first. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.


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Typically we suggest rehab professionals start with the Tummy Team Trained Practitioner (TTTP) endorsement and then add on the other endorsements after.  The TTTP apprenticeship gives you the best foundational education to build on.

Category: Endorsements

After you become endorsed, your benefits will include access to several of the client online programs and 50% off additional CEU courses.  If you are interested in adding another endorsement, you simply need to complete the additional training requirements of that endorsement and do 1 eSession with Kelly Dean to test your application of the material with case studies.

Category: Endorsements

No. Once you become endorsed by The Tummy Team, you simply need to pay for your additional training. Your monthly endorsement fee will remain $39 regardless of the number of endorsements you hold.

Category: Endorsements

Endorsed professionals with the  premium membership sign a 1-year contract for their endorsement access but we want it to be a good fit for both The Tummy Team and the professional. If you choose not to renew your endorsement when the contract is expiring, you are simply removed from our endorsed practitioner section, and we remove your program access, discounts, promo code and access to ongoing education.  If you still are doing this work but simply do not want to continue the premium membership, you can stay on our site.  If you are no longer working in this field then we simply remove you from the endorsed professional page.

Category: Endorsements

Of course! You can absolutely continue to use the education you have obtained.  The purpose of our premium endorsements is to create a community of ongoing education and collaboration, as well as to assure the clients we refer that we are confident in the experience they will have because we have an ongoing relationship with our endorsed professionals. But our overall goal is to provide up to date and immediately applicable education to practitioners everywhere – regardless if they choose to stay in community with us.

Category: Endorsements
  • Promotion of you and your practice on our website: We post your picture, bio and contact information so clients in your area can locate you.
  • Referrals: All clients who make a purchase from our website that is within 50 miles of your clinic will receive an email from The Tummy Team letting them know that you are a Tummy Team Trained Professional in their area who could help them in person.
  • Access to The Tummy Team online client courses: Many professionals will encourage their clients to enroll in our online program and see them personally throughout for supplemental visits. This allows you to see what the clients see. Additionally, if you wanted to further your training, working through the content in these programs would be the first step.
  • 50% Off any additional CEU courses.
  • Ongoing access to CEU courses you have completed.
  • Bigger discount on wholesale splints: The general wholesale discount on bulk (quantity of 12+) orders of splints is 25%. Endorsed professionals will receive 35% off.
  • Monthly professional training webinars.
  • Access to the library of past professional training webinars.
  • 35% personal discount code for your clients to do online programs. (Example: Core Foundations is regularly $159. Your clients will get it for $103.35).
  • 15% professional affiliate payout. (For every purchase of Core Foundations, you receive a $15.50 commission)
  • Access to our professional Facebook forum for clinic tips, questions, and more.
  • A community of clinicians from around the world for collaboration and support.
  • Access to The Tummy Team resources: HEP index cards, educational materials, pre-appointment videos, our private client forum, power point presentations, promotional materials, and more.
  • Ability to use The Tummy Team endorsed logo on your website, at your clinic and in your promotion.
Category: Endorsements

Basic endorsement is available for any professional who has completed the apprentice process including eSessions with Kelly Dean and includes website promotion, monthly webinar access and client discount codes.  Premium endorsement is a paid membership of $39/mo for a 1 year commitment and includes all of the basic endorsement benefits but also ongoing access to your training courses and additional client courses, 50% discount on additional professional courses, additional discounts on wholesale splints and access to monthly webinars and the archive of all previously recorded training webinars.

Category: Endorsements

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