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Comprehensive Core, Part 1


Comprehensive Core 1 is the next step after Core Foundations CEU in learning The Tummy Team functional Core Rehab process. In this course, Kelly Dean MPT breaks down the first 2 weeks of Core Foundations process by unpacking the videos so professionals can fully understand the how and why of our approach. We will provide you with evaluation skills and initial core activation strategies that you will be able to immediately apply in your practice.  .
Prerequisites:  Core Foundations CEU Package
Time to Complete:  3 months
CEU’S:  7.5
Course Objectives:  Download
Course Outline: Download
Valuable For:  physical therapists, chiropractors, midwives, exercise physiologists, kinesiologists, naturopathic physicians, OB/GYN, prenatal and postpartum fitness specialists, personal trainers
Learn more about what this program has in store for you here.


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This Course is designed for professionals who have completed Core Foundations CEU course and treat clients suffering from…

  • Diastasis Recti
  • Functional Core Weakness
  • Sciatica
  • SI instability
  • Pelvic Floor Weakness
  • Lower/mid/upper Back Pain
  • Postpartum Birth Recovery
  • Post abdominal surgery recovery
  • Mild abdominal hernias
  • Rib pain
  • and so much more

This Course Includes:

  • An in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the abdominals, the function of the true core and why traditional abdominal work can cause damage to the body
  • Detailed instruction in the causes and symptoms related to diastasis recti and functional core weakness
  • Comprehensive understanding of The Tummy Team functional core evaluation process including palpation skills for diastasis recti evaluation
  • Specific explanations for how and why we instruct in the Core Foundations process including Active Sitting, Activation of the Transverse, Sensory Integration,
  • Neuro-muscular Re-education, Functional Integration and the emotional connection to the core
  • Education on abdominal splinting including the benefits, the difficulties, and the professional considerations when splinting


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CEU Courses

We recommend all professionals begin with our client rehab courses to fully understand The Tummy Team approach and personally experience the systematic way we train clients. However, our client rehab courses are packed with enough education that each qualifies for CEUs. So the “CEU Package” courses simply include a post-test and documentation for various medical and fitness credentialing boards if you would like to receive credit for standard rehab courses.

However, our CEU Courses are designed only for professionals. They are the next step to your education and teach professionals the “why” behind everything we do with clients. The CEU Courses will take you through the training needed to implement our functional core rehab approach with your clients.

Category: CEU Courses

We train more than 8 different professions in over 20 countries, which makes it very difficult to maintain accreditation with the various agencies. We have found that the majority of accreditation bodies will accept courses for credits when the course content is within the scope of practice of that practitioner, and the course outline, objectives, and proof of completion has been provided. We provide the information about our courses and the instructors needed, as well as adequate testing with a certificate of completion. We ask for each practitioner to submit the required content to their credentialing agencies for credits.

Category: CEU Courses

Our client rehab courses are prerequisites to our CEU courses.  We have found that practitioners are far more effective when they can personally experience the sequencing and timing of our approach, rather than just soaking up education. Our goal is not to simply provide continuing education credits, but to develop a well-trained community of functional rehab specialists. Completing the rehab in the same manner as clients is an essential component to fully understanding the neuromuscular re-education process that makes our approach so successful.

Category: CEU Courses

Part of the effectiveness of our approach is in how one component builds on the previous component. The timeline we implement in our rehab courses encourages steady progress through the rehab program, as well as ensures the optimal success for each client.

All of our courses are owned by The Tummy Team, not by the client or practitioner. We are constantly updating and improving our programs as we receive feedback on the learning process. While course access expires, there are downloads you can retain and of course, any notes you take are yours to keep.  One of the benefits of becoming an Endorsed Professional is receiving ongoing access to rehab courses for review.

Category: CEU Courses

All of our courses can be extended for 4 weeks for a $39 administration fee.  If the course could not be completed for medical or emergency reasons, simply reach out to our team so we can help you be successful.

Category: CEU Courses

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