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Comprehensive Prenatal

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Comprehensive Prenatal for Professionals is an extensive online training in the Tummy Team Prenatal Core Training approach. Designed for clinicians working with prenatal clients struggling with functional core weakness, diastasis recti and more. We designed this course to be a ‘stand alone’ course for birth professionals or an ‘add-on’ course for practitioners who have already completed Comprehensive Core 1 and 2.
Time to Complete:  3 months
CEU’S:  11.00
Course Objectives:  Download
Course Outline:  Download
Valuable For:  physical therapists, chiropractors, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, birth workers, exercise physiologists, kinesiologists, naturopathic physicians, OB/GYN, prenatal and postpartum fitness specialists, personal trainers
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This Course Includes:

  • An in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the abdominals, the function of the true core and how functional core and pelvic floor strength are essential for pregnancy, labor, delivery and birth recovery.
  • Detailed instruction in the causes and symptoms related to diastasis recti and functional core weakness and specifically how it affects pregnancy.
  • Comprehensive understanding of The Tummy Team prenatal core evaluation process including palpation skills for diastasis recti evaluation.
  • Specific explanations for how and why we instruct in the prenatal core training process including Active Sitting, Activation of the Transverse, Sensory Integration, Neuro-muscular Re-education, Functional Integration and the emotional connection to the core, pelvic floor connection and disassociation, Birth prep and so much more.
  • Education on abdominal splinting including the benefits, the difficulties, and the professional considerations when splinting pregnant and postpartum clients.

1 review for Comprehensive Prenatal

  1. Cheryl (verified owner)

    This course is a must for birth professionals and presents material that I think should be standard of care for anyone working with prenatal clients/patients. It is comprehensive in putting together the whole picture of pregnancy, labor, delivery and early postpartum in regard to anatomy and the design of a woman’s body. A woman can be strong throughout pregnancy and prevent symptoms of functional core weakness like diastasis, incontinence and pain, which in turn can lead to better labors and easier deliveries and minimize damage. The Course also teaches how to utilize a woman’s body to push properly with less damage to her body, which leads to faster and better postpartum recovery.

    My favorite takeaway is “Women are not made to have babies and fall apart”. After utilizing The Tummy Team whole body principles with Moms in my practice, the evidence is real as they have walked away after birth feeling stronger than they ever thought possible.

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