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Home Education Index Cards


Years of working with clients in core rehabilitation has taught us that client education is crucial to their long-term success. We have personally created a series of educational index cards that best represent the exercises, stretches and home instruction that we include with our client’s personal treatment plans. We have now made these educational cards available for professionals to purchase and use within their scope of practice.


Each high-quality index card is 1/2 page, making it easy for you to photocopy 2 on a page for your clients take home education.


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This boxed set includes:
  • 72 high quality, card-stock index cards
  • a glossary of cards
  • dividers to help with organizing
  • box for safe keeping


© 2016 The Tummy Team. All rights reserved.
The content within these cards is considered intellectual property and subject to copyright. Personal distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited.
Exception: Professionals endorsed by The Tummy Team, known as Tummy Team Trained Practitioners, may distribute these materials within the scope of their business by means of treating patients/clients.

Disclaimer:  The information provided in these exercise index cards is intended to be a resource that supplements information given by professionals. This information is not all-inclusive, is not intended to replace care from a trained professional, and does not represent our complete rehab process. We highly recommend only following these exercise index cards in conjunction with The Tummy Team Core Rehabilitation Programs or as recommended by a Tummy Team Trained Practitioner. It is always important to listen to your body and never push through pain, especially when stretching or engaging new muscles.

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