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Comprehensive Tummy Safe Fitness

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Tummy-Safe Fitness™ is defined as exercise that promotes neutral alignment and consistent activation of the internal core while avoiding bulging, bracing or tenting of the abdominal wall. This course, co-designed by Kelly Dean, Core Rehab Specialist, and Beth Learn, Tummy-Safe Fitness™ Specialist & Founder of Fit2B®, is designed to educate fitness professionals in Tummy-Safe Fitness™ practices you can implement with your clients.


Prerequisites: None
Time to Complete:  1 Year
CEU’S:  12.5
Course Objectives:  Download
Course Outline:  Download
Valuable For:  Fitness/Yoga/Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, or Chiropractors
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This video course includes:
  • Comprehensive understanding of the tummy-safe assessment process, including evaluation of functional core strength and optimal posture and alignment and diastasis recti evaluation.
  • An in-depth understanding of the neutral pelvis and rib cage alignment and the importance of establishing and maintaining this alignment as the body is challenged in fitness and sport.
  • Extensive understanding of functional core strength and Tummy-Safe Fitness™ guidelines across multiple types of fitness.
  • Detailed instructional videos on tummy-safe strategies for bodyweight training, weight training, group fitness, and gym equipment.
  • Specific explanations in how and why to modify exercises and how to set holistic goals and work step by step to meet the goals that make sense for each individual client.
  • Education on resources to continue to assist clients in the independent progression of tummy-safe fitness through the tummy team and Fit2B.
  • Detailed instructional videos from Fit2B on tummy-safe strategies in multiple fitness settings and covering all types of exercise.

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Simply contact our team in the case of an emergency and we will work with you to either pause or extend your course access to meet your needs.

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CEU Courses

We recommend all professionals begin with our client rehab courses to fully understand The Tummy Team approach and personally experience the systematic way we train clients. However, our client rehab courses are packed with enough education that each qualifies for CEUs. So the “CEU Package” courses simply include a post-test and documentation for various medical and fitness credentialing boards if you would like to receive credit for standard rehab courses.

However, our CEU Courses are designed only for professionals. They are the next step to your education and teach professionals the “why” behind everything we do with clients. The CEU Courses will take you through the training needed to implement our functional core rehab approach with your clients.

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We train more than 8 different professions in over 20 countries, which makes it very difficult to maintain accreditation with the various agencies. We have found that the majority of accreditation bodies will accept courses for credits when the course content is within the scope of practice of that practitioner, and the course outline, objectives, and proof of completion has been provided. We provide the information about our courses and the instructors needed, as well as adequate testing with a certificate of completion. We ask for each practitioner to submit the required content to their credentialing agencies for credits.

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You are allowed two attempts to obtain 80% or better on your course.  If you do not pass and want to obtain credit for your test, you will need to purchase a professional training eSession with Kelly Dean to review the content and ensure that you understand the material.

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