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What is a Professional Training eSession?

This is a virtual appointment with Kelly Dean, MPT and founder of The Tummy Team on an online video chat platform. Although, our online professional courses are very comprehensive, there are times when professionals will benefit from a one on one session with Kelly.  Professional training sessions are 60 min and can be recorded so you can review the content after the session. 

What is covered in a Professional Training eSession?

A professional training eSession is a great way to discuss specific clients needs, how to implement The Tummy Team approach in your practice and problem solve complex cases. Kelly is available to discuss anything related to The Tummy Team approach including: 

  • Functional core rehab and diastasis recti rehab techniques
  • Prenatal core training strategies
  • Tummy safe fitness guidelines and strategies
  • Reinforce or discuss in greater detail techniques in CEU courses
  • Instruct in proper core and pelvic floor activation and integration strategies for clients
  • Recommend key muscle releases to treat compensations patterns for specific clients
  • Problem solve difficulties the specific clients may be having in their rehab journey
  • Address unique concerns the professional may have.
  • Develop a professional training plan for ongoing education.

eSessions are especially helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed in how to implement this approach into your rehab process.  They can help if you are unsure about what training is best for you and your specific practice.   Kelly is motivated for you to get the most out of your online training program and feel supported moving forward with clinical application.

When is the best time to get a Professional Training eSession?

Professional Training eSessions are included in all of our apprentice packages and typically are best used after your first course when you are starting to implement the strategies with real clients and again after your last course to discuss how to move forward with clients and your own training.   Professional Training eSessions are also helpful for some professionals before they start their training to be sure they are signing up for the course work that makes the most sense for them.  In addition, Professional Training eSessions can help you problem solve complicated clients or strategies that seem to be difficult to implement.

Here’s how to purchase and schedule an eSession: 

  1. Click the “SCHEDULE YOUR eSESSION” button below. You will be redirected to our Appointments page on our clinic site where you will click “eSessions” and select the “Professional Training eSession/Online Virtual Tummy Team Appointment” drop down.
  2. Choose your time zone, and appointment date.
  3. Enter your name and contact information and share any other important information with us.
  4. Pay for your appointment and now you are on our schedule!
  5. If you are an apprentice- you will receive coupon codes via email and in your course to schedule your Professional training eSession without additional charges.       (Preview setup instructions & videos below)



Make It Work

After your appointment has been paid for and scheduled you will receive a confirmation email from The Tummy Team with some information to set up your computer for the eSession. Follow the instructions in this email to be sure you are set up for your meeting.

You will also receive an additional email from The Tummy Team inviting you to our Any Meeting Online Conferencing Platform. You will get a reminder invite email the day of your eSession as well. This email includes the link you will need to connect to your appointment.

To make sure you are properly set up for your eSession, preview the setup videos below. You will also recieve these in an email when you schedule an appointment with us.